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Turn the key

PMA realises on your request all electrical and electronic systems as ready to use solutions: from draft to planning, construction, integration, delivery and installation until handover.

The following four points are of significant high value for us:


1. We are objective

We work and think independently. Our goal is to develop and implement the best system in accordance with your requirements. For this individually tailored solution we choose the best manufacturers and suppliers.


2. We offer standardisation

High standards guarantee quality. Therefore we work through all tasks systematically and with the capability for integrative thinking with all parties involved. We consequently use part standards: together with the individual assigned PMA identity numbers we ensure the appropriate operational long-term use of the systems.


3. We create individual system solutions

We convert your requirements and specific desires into individual end-user related system solutions and integrate them into the overall system “ship”.


4. We look at your goals

During contract execution we respect your specifications concerning budget compliance and time scheduling. We control all processes promptly and present them to you according to their extra or reduced costs (claim management) in a transparent way.